The best 10 online “Surviving technology in the classroom” lists

10) 5 phrases to use to fool your tutor group you actually know what snapchat is

9) The first 10 places you should look for your ipad charger

8) 10 ways to spot a pupil texting in your lesson

7) How to follow an auction on eBay without your classes noticing you are doing so

6) The best 5 excuses to use when the new head of IT suggests one of your classes could pilot the new pupil blogging project in school

5) The 5 most effective searches to use on TES resources to find a lesson plan at the last minute

4) The best scrabble cheat websites to help you beat the Head of English at Words HD

3) 10 different ways to injure a colleague who keeps insisting that twitter is the best CPD you will ever have (These work on any irritating evangelicals)

2) The 5 strongest legal reasons why possession of the IT suite is 9/10 of the law and will always win over someone who has booked but is late turning up with their class.

1) The 10 best worksheets to use when the bloody computers don’t work AGAIN


Teaching pupils to Become Apprentice candidates


Of course they are a bunch of over opinionated TV friendly, beyond-self- parody suited young adults. But are schools responsible for producing such people? What do these people want to achieve above all else? It’s success and money and a deal with Lord sugar. What do pupils get told is important? Success in exams so you can get a well paid job and a bigger chance to hang out with famous and wealthy people.

You tell me what the difference is