Michael Gove is Correct, Absolutely Correct

When Maths and English students have been endlessly pulled out of other classes to to extra revision sessions , when SLT talk about Key Marginals ,when pupils have been forced to sit 2 different syllabus for English, when they have had to endless re-sits for maths we have always been told it is all for the benefit of the individual students and not at all all about improving the school’s 5 A*-C (including English and Maths) or lining someone’s CV with positive looking statistics.

But now Michael Gove wants only the first attempt at a GCSE by a pupil to count toward the whole school’s figures and their position on the league tables and the leader of the ASCL says “It is grossly unfair to make changes like this when courses are already under way.”. Instead of cheering the lifting of endless exams from the shoulders of 15 year olds, Brian Lightman, the general secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders seems to be complaining that schools have been caught cheating the system. And by moaning in such a way it becomes abundantly clear that all that force feeding and cramming was never really for the students’ benefit after all.

and what do you know? I am agreeing for the very first time with the Secretary of State for Education, The Right Honourable Michael Gove and agreeing wholeheartedly


5 thoughts on “Michael Gove is Correct, Absolutely Correct

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  2. It is the Government who created the system. Schools want the best for the pupils. One way to achieve this, is to allow them to sit an exam in November in order to give them experience of sitting exams, it gives an instant and accurate assessment of where they are, it allows capable foundation pupils to be entered for higher qualifications if they are successful, it gives excellent feedback to teachers on where they need to focus teaching and learning, providing invaluable data which feeds back into the education process.

    Gove’s change loads the dice firmly in favour of elites, discriminates against all who have learning difficulties and who struggle with exams (some 10% of the school population) and will do nothing to improve the life chances of pupils who do not come from the privileged middle and upper classes. It is divisive, adds yet more work onto already overworked teachers and destroys the opportunity many pupils appreciate to have their progress independently assessed at a point in time. This blog post talks utter rubbish!

    • you make some good points. But I believe that many schools are playing the system (and you are right the pressure is on them to do so, because exam results are king). entering pupils for different exam boards and more than once all in one subject is not education. It is hoop jumping and favours no one, especially the poor pupils who are spending more and more time in the exam hall

  3. Gove is helping his ‘friends’ create a cheap workforce.

    In 2014 you will need to be a B standard student to achieve a C pass. All those quite competent C grade pupils (who will now be labelled D grade) will hopefully lose all their ‘aspirations’ and settle for working in dull and slightly demeaning positions for a low wage (for the good of the country, of course) and will be made to feel that they aren’t fit for anything else anyway, which should keep them all in their position.

    Teachers (tut) and all those other public sector workers got a little above their station because they thought they were entitled to a reasonable standard of living and a manageable working day. They thought that this was possible because those earning obscene amounts of money for their working day (let’s face it, you can only get so much done in one day, no matter who you are) wouldn’t be allowed to hang to their pennies and close ranks, and rip us all off They thought we’d got beyond that.

    It seems we were wrong and we’re sharpening our pencils.

    Schools have entered lots of pupils in November because they know it’s the best chance pupils will have of getting a GCSE because it will be a lot harder to pass it in June when the pass criteria becomes a lot tougher.

    Some pupils aren’t ready to sit the exam early – their teachers needed to know what was going to happen 4-5 years earlier so they could teach the skills necessary to pass the new exam – but that didn’t happen. Teachers haven’t been given long enough to plan and prepare so we’re scrambling around trying to sort out the mess. We have asked for more time – but we that request has been ignored.


    The frightening thing is that Gove probably does know what he’s doing – and he’s quite happy to do it. Provision is being reduced in further education and it has become ridiculously expensive to go to university. But that’s OK – fewer children will be taken through the system in the next ten years. Back to the good ‘ole days and the select few.

    I don’t agree with him – I want them to share the money that still exists at the top and look after all of us instead of each other. I want them to care about what will happen to all these children. I want somebody with knowledge, wisdom and experience in charge of this situation because it’s too important and the consequences are too far reaching.

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