Things that make me happy about teaching

Pupils, always the children

Planning a good lesson

Marking work when you can see they have both understood and engaged with what you have taught

Being asked a question you cannot answer by one of your class (even better if it is connected to what you are teaching at the time)

Planning together with another teacher

When other staff are all talking about someone who is playing up in their lessons and I have never even heard of him

Talking to my tutor group before the bell goes for morning registration

My tutor group winning something (sport or anything else)

When old pupils come back to tell me how they are doing

Getting a  smile from a pupil (or even better a group of pupils) outside of school

People choosing to do my subject at GCSE or A’Level whom i enjoy teaching

A 6th form pupil who turns out to be a fantastic person after having been a complete ar5e for most of y8-11

Finding the perfect resource, video task, plenary, lesson powerpoint or even whole lesson plan online so that I save myself an hour or two’s work

When a meeting is cancelled


Seeing a younger teacher I helped in the early career make progress and get promotion

Thanks from parents

Thanks from pupils

Recognition from my manager(s) – and not just that email or whole staff announcement “Well done to all those involved in Oliver! I appreciate the extra hours you put in etc etc”)

Getting a homework in on time and complete from someone who never even brings their book to class let alone does any work outside of my lesson


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