Things that make me angry about teaching


The Department of Education

When a new government gets in because the DfE then changes its philosophy

Mr Gove

Mr Twigg (who may nullify my hatred of a change of government and its effect on the DfE)

SLT that fall under OFSTED’s demands without question

Parents evenings

Heads of Department that always accept the decisions of their SLT without question, but who were running down that new idea only yesterday in the staffroom

Parents who havent set foot inside a working classroom in 20 years let alone the one their child is in, yet have decided whether I am a good teacher or not WITH NO EVIDENCE AT ALL

OFSTED gradings for single lessons

NQTs who already know how to teach better than the guy in their department that qualified before the NQT was born

PGCE tutors who havent taught properly in the last 20 years, but ‘know’ what an outstanding teacher is (see parents above)

Mini plenaries (the multiple intelligences and brain gym of 2013)

Performance management (though this could be a fantastic thing, I have never found it so)

CPD and TDDs (continuous professional development and Teacher Development days) Well I ask you, can you remember any you went to more than 12 months ago?

Teachers who insist that the tablet (especially the bloody ipad) is the answer to all of education woes

Behaviour policies written by Governors

Governors who don’t come into school between one meeting and the next. (picking up your children doesn’t count)

JUDGING A SCHOOL, A DEPARTMENT  OR A TEACHER BY THE EXAM RESULTS THE PUPILS TOOK. (You shouldn’t judge anyone by the exam results, but if you have to judge the pupils and the lives they have lived for 16 or 18 years)

Did I mention OFSTED? (I know I did)

Teachers who think they are cooler than the other teacher because they blog, tweet and carry an ipad (see above)

Its not a political thing but i cannot remember one thing the Daily Mail has ever said about schools or education in this country that i have ever agreed with (i remain open to the possibility that this will change)


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